Saturday, July 6, 2013

Stila Festival Of Colour | Haul

So I stated in my July wishlist that I had cut down on my spending, and I think I've been pretty good with it! It feels like forever since I've bought any new products, but when I heard about the Stila Festival Of Colour collection, I knew I had to get in fast.

The main reason I wanted to buy from this collection were the Stila After Glow Lip Colours. I was going to wait until my holiday until I found out that they were limited edition. It was something I didn't want to miss out on, even if they were still available I mightn't be able to get the colours I wanted, so of course when Beauty Bay had them in stock I placed an order. Unfortunately a few other LE items caught my eye too!

Countless Colour Pigments in Lyric, Smudgestick in Turquoise, After Glow Lip Colours in Electric Pink & Festive Fuchsia
 So the main reason why I wanted the After Glow Lip colours so badly are because they glow in UV light which I can picture would be a shock to see someone with glowing lips in a nightclub (I've had that happen with my neon nail polishes before haha.) They also make great day colours so they look great on their so if clubbing is not your scene you may still be interesting in these. Keep an eye out for a review!
I was also preparing myself for summer by getting the smudge stick in Turquoise which is a LE colour
& a Countless Colour Pigment in Lyric which Dawn pointed it out as a blush which I didn't think about, but it makes for a lovely eyeshadow that you can use the colours separately or mix together.

A few quick swatches, sorry about the different lighting but I will have separate posts with proper swatches.
 Shipping with Beauty Bay is free, but if you spend an extra $2.20 you get a sample & your package is meant to leave the warehouse faster. It still took 3 weeks to arrive, but I got some pretty decent samples!
I've never tried the Urban Decay Primer Potion, only Too Faced Shadow Insurance, so I was thrilled to have a sample size! I also got a Sebastian Colour Ignite shampoo sample which is perfect because I've been using one of their conditioners & colour protection shampoos are the type that I use, so it ended up being perfect for me.

What products from Stila do you like? Do you think you will pick up any of these products?
Check out these products & more from Beauty Bay

Everything paid with my own money, this is not a sponsored post & no affiliation to any brands mentioned


  1. great haul hun!! i really love the blush shade, looks so perfect :) i haven't tried much Stila products, i think i'm gonna give in soon and purchase lots of them, hehe.

    Let's talk at GFC and BLOGLOVIN'

  2. Woo those are really beautiful, I love everything you got!!

  3. I didn't even know that pan was an eyeshadow, I thought it was a blush! Looks pretty. I really want that turquoise liner, I've seen it in videos before and I was like "ahhh I definitely need that" - I can't wait to see your review on them :)

  4. Wow great haul! The lip colours are gorgeous!

    Kimberley x (currently running two giveaways, one is MAC)

  5. great haul! i just got another urban decay primer potion too recently haha! :D

  6. I've been really wanting those lip crayons too for the glow factor! The colours you chose are really nice and I'm curious about that pigment (I bet it'd make a nice blush).

  7. Awesome haul! I've been loving these new Stila release. They've had some interesting ones this year but my favorite is definitely the After Glow lip color. You got some nice free samples too!

  8. I always adore your hauls

  9. Such an amazing haul! Still can't believe how stunning Lyric is, oh and thank you for the mention lovely! :) x

  10. Awesome stuff! I've been seeing about about those lippies form them and those are great samples!!

  11. awesome!

  12. Great haul! I can't wait for the review for the lippies! I want neon lips so bad! Apparently Stila makes a killer liquid liner, so I'll have to get my hands on some soon :) x

  13. I haven't tried any Stila products, but this makes me want to! That liner is so beautiful!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  14. Oooh, the lip crayons are so cute! I like how chubby they are and the colours :) Stila always has really adorable and appealing packaging. Looks like you got some really good samples from Beauty Bay as well. I recently put in an order from them for some Alpha-H skin care :)


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