Sunday, May 12, 2013

Diva Jewellery Haul

 Diva is an Australian Jewellery shop that sells decent items for affordable prices. As I do not have one near me, and it has been forever since I have acquired any new accessories, I thought it was about time I would place an order.
 Although our summer is done & dusted, I was feeling like I needed a few bright statement necklaces & earrings, but just because it is not the season doesn't mean I can't brighten up my look! I bought the necklaces in mind especially to wear out clubbing as I have a lot of black clothes & bright accessories will change the look.

Coral Enamel Necklace
I have been seeing these types of necklaces everywhere so I thought I would jump onto the bandwagon. I love the colour of this. I didn't realize it would have a gold chain (like almost everything else I bought) as I normally only wear silver but I don't mind it like this, and don't care about mixing & matching silver & gold like I thought I would. This was the most expensive item I bought for $15.00 as I chose mainly sale items.

3 Row Orange Rectangle Necklace
On sale for $7 and to make up my order I thought why not and if I didn't like it to give it away.... I love the orange and the 3 tiers and think it would look great against a black outfit.

Gold Simple Plate Necklace
Another style that is in at the moment, this one was $9.95 and I thought it would look good with a strapless dress.

Solid Rose Gold Spiked Bracelet
 I have been wanting a bracelet like this for a while and something in rosegold, this was $9.95 and I think it looks nice with bangles and my chain bracelet which I wear all the time. I can see this not taking too long to tarnish so it hopefully doesn't!

Coral Enamel Spot Stretch Bangle
This was $6 and it looked bigger on the website but still quite pretty.

Pink Enamel Section Earrings
Going on with the pink & gold theme, these decently heavy earrings take a little bit of getting used to, I got these for $9.95.

Pop Pink Stone Cut Earrings
 Yet another pink item were these earrings that I wouldn't have bought if they weren't $3. Especially if I felt them in store as they feel quite cheap. I seriously didn't know that everything I was buying was gold, but I think I can get used to it. I'm still a silver girl, through and through.

Birds of A Feather Drop Earrings
I loved how elegant these looked with the gold against the black, & these were $9.95

Gold Open Triangle Studs
Lastly, almost, were these earrings that were also very cheap at $4 and once again I had pictured the sizing different as I thought they looked smaller on the website. Anyway, they are kind of a simple way to make a statement with my earrings.

Something I forgot to include in the picture was a Silver Ponytail Cuff that was $6.99 but a waste of money as it basically feels like cardboard and that it may break when I try to open it up around my ponytail. So far so good but with a few more uses I don't know how it would go.
So all up my total came to $81.95 and when you spend $80 or more you get free shipping, so when I was up to $61 I thought I may as well get a couple of extra items because the shipping would have probably added up to near that amount anyway, which is where the cheaper items came in handy.

It still took a couple of weeks with shipping but all up I was happy with the service from Diva online so I would recommend buying from them online if you did not have access to their shops. And although some items feel as cheap as they are, for the price they are easy & affordable to replace. Unfortunately I cannot tell you how much shipping is but I'd assume it would be the standard $9.95- $15 depending on how much you buy etc.

Have you bought from Diva online before? Or do you like browsing in store?


  1. Even though you normally wear silver, I think the coral pieces look beautiful against the gold. Very nice picks!

  2. These are so colorful and cute, love those necklaces!

    Feel free to check-out my latest blog post and if you like, follow me on GFC, I'll follow you back :)

  3. Your haul looks amazing! I'm a huge diva fan. They always have very lovely accessories. (:

  4. I wish my ears were pierced! The feather earrings look absolutely stunning! The spiked bracelet is totally awesome as well! I'm sad about the ponytail holder - it looks like a great idea, but sadly I guess it wasn't meant to be. Still, I'm jealous of your haul :D xx

    1. Aww you should totally get your ears pierced, I've had mine done since I was 9 :) Ah it doesn't matter too much about the ponytail holder, I already have something sort of similar, anyway haha xx

  5. I love those colours! I used to have almost exactly the same black feather earrings :)

  6. You picked up such great pieces! I love the necklaces you bought :D

  7. Diva is fun to browse sometimes, I like to go there now and then especially when they had good sales and see what catches by eye. I don't wear a lot of jewellery (real or dress) but sometimes I'll want to try out a particular trend just for fun. Love the Solid Rose Gold Spiked Bracelet that you bought! My favourite piece from this haul :)

    1. Most days I barely ever wear jewellery haha, except for things that I never take off. I knew you would like that bracelet, hehe! x

  8. The earrings are really pretty.


  9. Those are such amazing pieces! Love them all.

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  10. you have such a great knowledge of Jewellery
    great post
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  12. Love the necklaces you've picked - gorgeous! Can see those perfect with a collared shirt - a look which I'm ADDICTED to! Also love the pink chevron earrings, cute! Great picks :)

    Yinyin xx

  13. What an awesome haul! :) i love them all! hihi. :D


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