Friday, May 3, 2013

Collective Clothing Haul // Cocolatte, Dissh, BlueJuice & More

Firstly I am so happy to announce that I am featured on Ms American Pie's Beauty blog for the month of May, yay! She always has really insightful & well written posts & super creative makeup posts & on top of that she is such a darling. You can check out the post & her blog here.

Back to the post, I want to apologize for the lack of quality in the pictures. I am sort of contemplating buying a better camera but we shall see!
& I know I am not meant to be buying anything, but I have certainly slowed down lately. It is way too hard when I see a good special. And I am still trying to build up my staple wardrobe collection so that is mainly what this haul consists of.

This is a clothing brand that is featured quite regulary on Ozsale, and they have single clothing items or packs of 2 with different colours, for a very cheap price. I bought these thinking of my summer holiday coming up in the US for very comfortable traveling clothes. There are always new pieces adding in when this sale comes up.

Crochet And Mesh Vest

 Elastic Waist Dress
 These dresses are really comfy with a tank top back & cinched in slightly at the waist. The shrug is really nice & can be tied just above the waist.
 Striped Button Dress
 The same as the dresses above, only with stripes. Nice to wear on a casual day. I think it would be a good traveling outfit with a cardigan & leggings.
Strappy Dress
Cinches in at the waist but the top portion sort of hangs over the waist line. I think it would probably look nicer with a belt.
Sheer Maxi Dress
A strappy slip that goes just above the knees with a sheer overlay that goes all the way to the ground, and side splits on both sides of the legs. I hope I feel comfortable to wear these out, if I ever find a place to go! Not clubbing 'appropriate', maybe out for dinner or on a picnic...?
Long Sleeve Blouse
 Very light material, goes a tiny bit lower at the back & very baggy so I'd probably have to wear a belt to avoid a frumpy look, and pair with skinny jeans or leggings.
 Sleeveless Shrug
The material is lightweight but warm, I like the cut & how it sits.

That was all I bought from Cocolatte, not including a bandeau bra, and it ended up being $80 incl. shipping for 14 items and most of the packs were 2 for $10. Yay sales!

Dissh Boutique is a website Shaaanxo mentions sometimes. They have free express shipping if you buy one full priced item for $19.95 or more which was easy & have many great brands and styles. Shipping ended up taking 3 days and since express is always free, if I want something in a hurry I will probably buy from here.
 Surely Did Crop Top & Over The Moon Skirt (no longer found on website =/)

Its funny that when I was younger I always wanted to wear crop tops because I thought they were the cool thing teenagers wore, haha. I bought this to wear only with high waisted clothing.... especially as I am practically always bloated (damn those tasty carbs!). I like the look of a tiny bit of stomach showing.

This high waisted skirt has a longer bottom at the back than the front, but not enough of a difference to be called a mullet/ high-low skirt. The print & colours are gorgeous. I would definitely wear this with a more feminine top.

Flight Tank
Belt from Roads, Skirt from Forever New. Not bought in this haul.
This tank top's sleeves are a bit too big for my liking so I am also wearing the bandeau bra from Cocolatte. It is also very baggy so I would have to wear it tucked in. It goes down to just above my hips. I wanted it as a staple anyway but it wasn't how I pictured it online. I could have returned it but I aint got no time so that so I will try to make it work.

Blue Juice
 I had also bought these off of Ozsale, and I have had other items from Blue Juice before so I knew they would be good quality. Check out more of BlueJuice from The Iconic here.
 Between The Lines Dress
This dress has a nude & black striped paneled print with a sheer lace overlay. When I saw this I thought the direction of the lines would be very flattering & it had a vintage feel. It is extremely short so I'd prefer to wear it with a jacket & sheer tights so I'm not showing off too much skin and I really like the sweetheart neckline. I wish I had a nice waist, though!

I didn't record the name of these shorts before I took off the tag, sorry!!
I like how tailored these shorts are so they can be dressed up. They are high waisted & have fake pockets on the sides & back, I wish they had real pockets on the side, though.

I love Billy
These are from an Australian shoe brand that I bought off of Brands Exclusive which is also a flash sale website like Ozsale. They are my first shoes from this brand & love them. Check out more at I Love Billy here (however I apologize that these are not on their website for some reason but they have plenty of other choices.)

Mikala Wedge Booties
They are gorgeous suede tie-up wedge booties, love them! So comfortable to wear & would look good with almost any outfit. I don't really know how to wear the laces without them looking silly, though.

So that is basically my recent clothing haul, I have some more dresses coming in from ozsale & I want a comfy pair of casual ankle boots, but apart from that I am going to try my hardest to stop shopping and stop looking at flash sale websites which is ridiculously hard. I also have an over due Diva haul so stay tuned for that sometime!


I have paid for all of these items with my own money. I am not affiliated with any of the websites mentioned. Nothing in this haul is a sponsored review, however I have an invite link with Ozsale & Brands exclusive & get a voucher if you join through me but I am not forcing it upon you to do so.


  1. I love everything that you bought! Haha I love the striped dress & the crochet vest the most! <3


  2. Such great finds! I really like the look of that skirt you got from dissh. I really need to start concentrating on buy more clothes and not just spending my money on make up! Haha! x

    1. I know I am the exact same, it is so hard because it is all so much money! Almost everybody I know IRL would prefer clothes but I'd rather spend on makeup although clothing is necessary. xx

  3. Wow so nice! I love the black/nude dress especially! But wait! Summer holiday in he US you don't say!!!

    1. Girlfriend I suppose you missed my announcement, lol. I will tell you more about it later :) :) xx

  4. Wow all are really cute clothes perfect for summer or night date!
    Many thanks for share!

  5. Thanks for the post (and the lovely shoutout! thanks so much!) - you always buy the cutest clothes hehe. You look fabulous in that Blue Juice dress! And don't worry about the tummy - girl, I worry about mine all the time but I end up going, "WHATEVER!" - just be comfortable. I don't own any booties but I have lemmings for yours! They look like the perfect way to add height! xx

    1. Anytime darling :) Thanks so much, I try to feel comfortable but if I'm having a really bad day I would just chuck something else on instead. Its so frustrating because I try to make myself feel better by going to the gym but find it hard to lay off the junk food. The boots certainly help in the height department, hehe. xx

  6. The striped dress looks like a really versatile summer piece that would be perfect for your travels :) The Bluejuice strapless dress looks lovely on you, as do the lace up wedge boots!

  7. Just found your blog and loving it. Maybe we can follow each other on GFC or bloglovin? Please feel free to stop by my blog and let me know. XO

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