Sunday, April 7, 2013

Way Overdue-- Empties, Products I'm Getting Rid Of.

Wow it has been forever since my last empties post especially as I am meant to be on "project empty" still.... but unlike some who have empties every month, it takes me forever to use up products, even if I try to use more than usual! Especially now that I have been using other newer products that have become my favourites, it has been harder to stick to it. But now I have saved up a collection that I probably could have done a few empties ago, anyway, I'll get this big lot out of the way and try to make it more regular. I will try to keep this as short & sweet as possible!

Mascara/ Eyeliner: Maybelline XXL Extensions, Covergirl Lash Blast Length, Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl, Essence I <3 Extreme Volume, Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner.
Most of these are all really old, and some I haven't used forever although they haven't even completely dried out, still! I just thought it was about time I got rid of them so I could use my newer ones. Ahh and when I finally opened my back up of the Master Precise eyeliner it felt so good to rediscover why I loved this eyeliner because the old one had almost dried up completely.
Eye Products
 Coastal Scents Gel Eyeliner in Gold & Plum: They have dried out and I can't be bothered trying to restore them as they were nothing special lol so I'm throwing them out. Might repurchase other colours one day.
Essence I <3 Stage eyeshadow base: Completely finished this, and would probably re-purchase but I have heard they are discontinuing it. I wont be able to get my hands on it before then! Never mind because I am using other primers that I like.
Face Products

Face of Australia Face Base Primer: As you can see I cut it open to get every last drop haha. I really need to repurchase as I have used this for ages and <3 it but using another primer at the moment. Really good as a hydrating base. I think they have changed the packaging to something purple now!
Models Prefer Anti Aging Undereye Concealer: In the end I used this as a concealer for blemishes. Not light reflecting at all so I thought it was better for this purpose. Would not repurchase simply as there are better under eye concealers out there. I did like it elsewhere but, and kinda wish I didn't run out so fast :S
Australis Fresh & Flawless Fdtn: Bought years ago, used as a mixer with other foundations. Wouldn't repurchase.
Avon True Luminous Oil Control Makeup Base: I swear this bottle was never ending lol but completely used it up, mixed in foundation, had a nice pinky glow. When I originally bought it I thought it was a primer which it definitely is not. Quite nice but probably wouldn't repurchase to try other ones.
Revlon Photoready Fdtn: I did like this foundation but since discovering Rimmel Wake Me Up I wouldn't buy it again.
Models Prefer Illuminizer: Much the same as the Avon one but a cream not a liquid. No repurchase.
Studio Direct Concealer: (light) Bought randomly on eBay, shade too light so I used it under foundation before discovering it as an under eye concealer. Might buy again one day but trying out other concealers for now.
Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls in Beige Pearl: Hit pan majorly as you can see, but couldn't be bothered finishing it completely to start using my Bourjois bronzer. Be aware this isn't exactly a bronzer as it is very light & glowy, but nice on the cheeks. I used it under Nars Laguna. Probably wont repurchase.
Face/Body Products
Skinstut Cream Cleanser: Swapped between this and my DMK Milky Cleanser which both have the same idea. It was good but not outstanding, & if I needed to I would repurchase.
 Lux Exfoliating Body Wash in Pomegranate & Palm: Love everything about this, I like the idea of an exfoliating body wash as it isn't too harsh to use everyday. The smell is amazing. I finally bought this again after a break.
St Ives Apricot Scrub in Invigorating: Would never use this on my face like I used to (way too harsh) but good for deeper exfoliation. Might re-buy but want to try others.
Cotton Body Wash: Used after finishing the Lux one, got in a set so I used it to get rid of it.
Wella Bio Touch Colour Protection Intensive Mask: Hard to tell if it really worked due to different factors, but was still nice. Wont buy again so I can try other colour saver masks.
Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion: Will keep bottle to reuse for traveling, got it as a gift & mixed it with other moisturizers.
Vintage Collection Rose Luxury Hand & Nail Cream: Another gift, perfect size for the handbag. Came in a set so I have a few other similar ones to use next.
Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum: Although not finished, chucking out as it is well and truly past expiration and has gone too hard to dig out... even though I found it go hard after the first couple of uses. Probably buy again but in another flavour. But I could just as easily make my own scrub lol.

I have also used up & replaced my Shampoo/ Conditioner & moisturizer/ mist many times since my last empties post....  hello obviously since that was in September haha.

Products I'm Getting Rid Of
I was going through makeup that I never wear, and that I had similar colours to already and preferred them over these... and I came up with a whole bag-full that I gave away to my brothers girlfriend (She wears only a little bit of makeup, maybe I should have told her to choose what she wanted, she was joking that I was giving her a makeup intervention :P)
 Face- Garnier Roll on, Nyx Taupe blush, Clinique Fresh Bloom in Peony sample, BYS Natural Shimmer brush, BYS Shimmer Pearls, Sportsgirl Lets Get Cheeky blushes, Face of Australia blusher in Outback Primrose, Dior Terra Bella bronzer sample, Australis blush in Rosy Cheeks.
There are a few products here from project empty, some that I haven't used in forever like Taupe blush (other alternatives, I can always buy again later down the track) & also some that didn't work for me... the garnier roll on is a good product, I just wanted something lighter for under the eyes.

Eyes: BYS eyeshadow palette in Black Steel, No name e/s duo, Ulta 3 e/s quad in purr like a kitten, Kate Reflect mirror eyes, BYS baked e/s, Bourjois Smoky eyes Rose Vintage, Face of Australia matte e/s primer, Mary-kate & Ashley all over shimmer in honey, BYS shimmer powder in Pink rose, Beauties Factory e/s in 453,  NYX e/s in nude, T'estimo e/s, 2 no name e/s, fake MAC e/s, NYX ultra pearl mania in Ocean Blue Pearl, Face of Australia e/s Jasper, Fake MAC mineralize e/s.
 Again I already had heaps of similar colours to these... or just forgot about them. Some I had bought and only used a handful of times.
Avon Glimmersticks e/l in Starry Night, Nude by Nature black e/l, Avon Super Shock liquid e/s, BYS liquid Silver Glitter e/l.
Lips: Mirenesse l/g, David Jones l/s in Sunburst, Covergirl l/s in Kiss, random lg, L'oreal Color Riche in electric fuchsia, Nyx l/s spellbound, L'oreal  Studio secrets in coral, Elizabeth Arden in Pink Punch,
Brushes: Essence of Beauty contour & highlight, Manicare Foundation, Manicare double ended, Model's prefer blending.
Nails: Orly in Sheer Peche, Essence in Cest La Vie, Rokk96 (price attack) in Toasted Almond.

Hallelujah, I'm happy I finally got this done, it's surely been a long time coming! And I promise I will post more regular, smaller empties. 

Have you ever gone through your stash and gotten rid of products (Read: given away. I couldn't bare to throw all of this out) you haven't used in a while or didn't like? It's very liberating, haha! I have certainly already filled the gaps that these left behind, however :P


  1. Wow you have so many empties! I'm about to post an empties blogpost soon and you have so much more than me!

    OMG you also threw out so much stuff! I think you just inspired me to throw out some of my old products as well. Need to make room for some new ones ;) haha!

  2. Haha but sweetie you post them way more often than me, this is since September haha I've probably used up more than this that I haven't kept.... it was so hard to keep them all for so long so I'm happy to throw them out now :D
    And I'm glad I could inspire you! But try to give them away I'm sure a friend or family member would be grateful for it :) xx

  3. Wow, you finished up so many products. Good job :) You're throwing away so many as well - surprised you're not keeping any of the Sportsgirl, FOA or NYX blushes/contour :P I'm a blush fiend so I find it hard to throw out even one blush! I have a box full of stuff to throw out as well... Currently sitting in my room though because I've been planning to do a blog post about it. >__< xx

    1. Haha I stopped touching those products and only used them when I felt that I needed to, and when I force myself to use them I know I should save room for things that I do want. And I already have similar coloured blushes so I didn't mind--- oh and I gave these away to a friend so someone could actually enjoy them! Especially knowing there is probably a good couple hundred bucks worth there, they deserve a loving home :P

  4. I cleared out my personal stash. I now own nothing really. Except for my new Stila palette from my cousin, 2 mascara, 2 eyeliners, one foundation, one powder, one concealer, Face of australia face primer (new packaging - it's purple now), eyelash curler, two blush (one pink, one peach), bronzer and brow powder set by Milani.

    I learnt that over stocking or buying is just a waste of money! I try not to test new stuff and add it into my collection. It's such a waste seeing all the makeup you end up throwing out simply because you didn't use them :(

    Good job on all the empties!

    On the other hand... my makeup kit... that thing is so heavy I'm considering repacking and throwing things out that I never use!

    1. Wow, that's dedication, I would not be able to choose a couple of products to keep!
      I edited the post to make it more clearer, I stated that I *gave* away all of that makeup, I didn't throw it out, because I hate wastage!! My friend was very grateful for it :)

      Yeah the last thing you would want is a heavy makeup kit.... maybe you could also give away what you don't use? :)

  5. How often should you change makeup?? I'm not really into makeup but I do think it's very important:))

    1. It really depends on the type of makeup, cream/liquid products such as blush, foundation & lipsticks are meant to be thrown out around 2 years I think, but you can judge by a change of smell, colour or texture & I usually use things until I have finished them. Mascaras are meant to be 3-6 months because of bacteria but I usually use mine a whole lot longer haha. Powders can last a loong time but once again if you notice any changes it is best to get rid of them. x

  6. love your blog

    btw, wanna follow each other? let me know please!

  7. This post was super helpful thanks!!


  8. Wow good job hun! I hope I can one day finish up some of my products, I just feel like it always takes me forever :(

    1. Same here!! These are my first lot of empties in ages. You still manage to get a few out every here and there, though! xx

  9. Must be liberating to just chuck out stuff! I really like doing that now and then. I get really ruthless with it too. I think the way to go is just dump it in the bin swiftly and don't look back :p Surprised you're throwing out NYX Taupe though - that's a pretty highly sought after product. Though to be honest, I have it and I NEVER touch it, lol. It's just not a natural choice for me if I want to contour - too grey and dark. I still have an old bottle of Revlon PhotoReady which I seriously need to bin.

    1. Haha that's right, usually I would have had a hard time getting rid of these, but most of them I barely used anyway.
      I used to use Taupe, but I started using other products to use them up instead and was going to come back to it, but that was ages ago and I knew I could easily get it again if I wanted to. x

  10. wow, you got rid of so many things! i think it's really healthy to do that once in awhile especially for face products. i still can't part with the eyeshadows i barely use, haha, i feel like i'm wasting money if i throw them away but i think i should though coz make-up do expire. i gotta start getting rid of old makeup hehe. great post hun! xx

    1. Haha, I didn't really feel too bad because most of those eyeshadows I hadn't used in soo long & I have so many similar colours to them already that I didn't mind giving them a new home. I only get worried about expired makeup if it starts stinking or the texture has changed haha xx


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