Friday, August 17, 2012

My Updated Skincare Routine

Its been a while since I've posted my skincare routine/ products and as you can imagine a few things have changed since then. So if anyone is interested in what I use continue on!

Please note: My skin is dry/dehydrated & I get the occasional pimple. Ever since getting a series of facial peels a few years ago pimples are a rare occasion these days. However I still have quite a bit of scarring & redness.

Splash with cold *water* only!
Rosehip oil/ DMK Beta Gel (healing serum) <--- well honestly I need to buy more, but if I had it I would use it lol. But I am planning to buy the Beta Gel when I feel like spending the money.
Moisturizer: DMK Biogen C Cream with Herb & Mineral Mist. You have to use the mist with DMK moisturizers because it pulls the cream transdermally into the skin in order for it to work. I love the mist anyway, It has the same uses as a makeup setting spray or rosewater mist, except it draws the product into the skin cells.

Remove makeup with Garnier M/U remover cloths. HG status baby!

First cleanse with DMK Milk cleanser. I use this over my eyes as well but have to be careful to not get it into them.
2nd cleanser (if needed) with Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Power Cream Wash

Tone with EVOO. (if you're going to use a kitchen oil, EVOO is the one you want as it is non-comedogenic.) This gets rid of any extra makeup & I also use it as an overnight moisturizer.

I keep it in a re-used makeup remover container for easy pour-age.

Pimple Cream, Clearasil Pimple Clearing Cream. Don't use this all the time otherwise I'm afraid my skin will build a tolerance to it. Here's a tip: if you can feel a pimple building up under the skin but it hasn't shown it's ugly head yet, apply a little bit of a clay mask to it and leave it on overnight to help draw it out.

Eye Cream: Skinsitut Eye Believe
I don't use this every night as it can make the skin feel dry & it can ball up if you use too much, only if I need extra brightening.
Occasional (2x a week): Biore Warming scrub before Milk cleanser (I don't use the Neutrogena cleanser if I do this). I treat it as an exfoliating process.

Also I have been meaning to get back into Aspirin Masks for quite a while as I don't officially exfoliate. I would like to have a few more facials to get rid of my scarring but it's like being a mechanic; they fix everyone else's car while they drive around in a bomb! :P

 Thanks for reading, Just wanted to let you know I've been mucking around for a while trying to figure out what works, but at the moment I'm happy with what I'm doing! Everybody's skin changes as they get older so you'll have to keep up with it.

*disclaimer: All products bought by me. I work with DMK & Skinsitut in the salon but was not asked to review their products, & all thoughts are my own. YMMV- the same skin care products wont work for everyone*


  1. I just switched from my expensive cleanser to one of Neutrogena's and love it. Over the years my skin has changed, so I've had to change the products I use. I just wrote a post on skincare yesterday. Thanks for sharing.


    1. ahh yes sometimes the cheaper ones work well or just as well too!
      Thanks for commenting :)

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