Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Makeup on Others

I'll jump at a chance to do makeup on others, especially as I need to practice because its so different from doing it on yourself! Haha.

 This is my friend Shenitta, we went to primary school and can you believe it but 2 weeks before this was the first time we had seen each other in 11 years. She moved away but now she's back doing a Beauty course so I was able to travel up and see her :) And she wanted me to do her makeup and we didn't think we'd have a chance but she got to come around to where we were staying before going out :) So yeah haha.

If you can think back to my dramatic goldilux look a few posts ago I did
pretty much the same thing here but I like how it looked on her, and I reallly wanted to use gold with her blue eyes!
Sugarpill Goldilux
Black from Too Faced Ooh & Ahh duo + UD Blackout
The white shimmer you can see in the inner half is mainly from the shadow she was already wearing but I'm pretty sure I also used UD Bootycall as a highlight,
& I think I may have used a bit of Tease in the crease & BYS eyeliner.

This was on my friend Renae who came back to her home town for a holiday, we have known each other our whole lives :) She wanted me to show her how to do a smokey eye. It looks like we used falsies but they are eyelash extensions, which is funny 'coz I thought she got pro at applying falsies haha :D I didn't take any full faced pics though =/

As a base I used Essence Ballerina Backstage eye souffle in Black followed with silvers & blacks from her BYS palette, UD Tease as a transition colour, BYS gel eyeliner on the top lashline & waterline & I know I used something for the highlight but I can't remember what XD haha.

On the weekend was the school ball so I was busy at work all afternoon. I thought it would be a lot more stressful but once we got started it was all good and I got so into it that the afternoon went by soo fast lol. I only got permission by one girl to post her pics but I figured it would be ok to crop around the eyes.

 Teegan wanted natural eyes but I knew they had to stand out so I used colours from the naked 2 palette: YDK, Tease & busted were the main colours.
 Sorry for the blurry picture unfortunately we didn't get one of her eyes shut but she wanted a pop of blue to match her blue accessories so that is on the lower lash line. I focused on a shimmery white on the inner half & also used from Naked 1 Smog & Darkhorse.
 I did a trial for her a few weeks ago but her dress changed and so did the makeup. I like this one so much better though, although the trial turned out nicely too. I used a mixture of purples from a Chi Chi palette & 120 palette, although you cant see it very well I put some silver glitter over the top & layered it with more purple & the black is mainly UD Blackout over a black base. I wish I had time to tidy up the eyebrows a bit, though. I also applied false lashes (if you couldn't tell ha). I practised on friends all week (well twice lol) but it went on easily for her, wahoo!
Before you say anything, after these pics I added some silvers into where the blue is as it goes into the inner corner to fix the shape after I took these pics. I used the Sleek Bad Girl palette (More to come on this as I just got it) as she wanted it smokey with some blue to match her dress.

So now that the ball is after I just want to play with makeup on other people haha! I had a fun time doing it lol.
Thank you for looking xxx


  1. Doing makeup on other people is definitely a tricky one :) now when I work some days in a photography studio and I have 45 min to do client's makeup AND hair I know what practice means... So yeah, keep it up! :)

  2. All so beautiful, what a great job!!

  3. @art look ahh yeah that would be hard in that amount of time for hair & makeup! I will definitely need a lot more practice before i can do it that quickly hahah

    @amalia thanks girl!

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