Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to get bouncy curls overnight!

There are many ways to get curls with no heat, but this is such a pretty way that you can wear out before taking it out- I left mine in for 24 hours before I did (believe me the elastic headband kept slipping down & driving me crazy, but if the hair was coming out all it took was to kind of roll the hair back under the band).

 All I used was an elastic head band and twisted my hair starting from the front & working side to side until all hair is tucked under it. Its hard to visualize like that but there are a few great tutorials on youtube.
 I couldn't find the one from lilithedarkmoon   but this is what I did

I used a thinner one for my hair so the curls turned out a bit different to hers but it's pretty much the same result. You can also add mousse to your hair before twisting it.
Sorry for the instagram photo lol- but this is how it looks from behind. Super Pretty!

 Its hard to see but this is how it looked up from the side. Although it was the morning after I slept with it in so it as quite messy!

--Take out the band & play with your hair so it sits right--
I have done it again since the first time- and this time I had even better curls but didn't leave it in as long- as long as your hair has dried it's fine to take it out. I didn't want to brush it out either because I knew it would drop. This time the pieces from the front had curled right back- you can sort of see it in the layers near the fringe.

What are your favourite ways to curl your hair without using heat? Let me know! And who are your fave Youtube Gurus for hair?


  1. Oh that actually looks really good! I wonder how this will work with shorter hair...

  2. thanks hun! I have no idea but I bet it would look great. :) It may keep falling out especially if you have some really short layers, though.

  3. that looks beautiful. i have to try this. i'm tired of all the heat and products i use. btw, do you know of ways to straighten withouht heat ??

    1. thanks! I have no idea... you can try googling it but I don't think there's really any way about that!


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