Monday, May 21, 2012

Blog Hopping: The New Trend

Haha, instead of bar hopping, get it? :P
Bad jokes aside, blog hopping is a great way of getting your blog noticed, and checking out a lot of other bloggers.
So when I saw this website I thought It would be perfect. They offer a weekly hop where you follow the simple instructions to get your blog put out there, and to check out other blogs. You can even start your own hop.
They also offer a blog critiquing service where they will post your blog so you can get feedback from all sorts of readers which I think is a great idea.
In fact, my blog was recently featured for critiquing. Woohoo!!
Check that out here ! & Feel free to contribute. I'm definitely going to work on tidying up my blog.
They also include lots of blog tips which are great for beginner bloggers.
Click the pic below to check out the site.


  1. OOh congrats on getting featured and I totally got your joke. hehe


  2. hehe thanks the joke was really lame though haha. I was so excited when I saw myself up there, hehe.

    @Ioana I should add there's great tips for older bloggers too ;)


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