Monday, January 30, 2012

Summer/ Spring fresh colours + current nails

Oh man I wish I had a name idea before I start doing my makeup, but as I choose the colours as I was doing it, it makes it harder to come up with names.
Onto the makeup.. I was not so happy with the crease but ya get that. I wanted to something bit brighter then lately but still simple at the same time, so I kept the lower lash line free of colour (except for a tiny bit that I didn't mean to get there haha).

Madd Minerals E/S in Snot Face (lol) for the 1st half of the lid, the rest of the colours are from the 120 palette.
Liner is Nyx Black Bean Jumbo pencil as always

Cheeks I *think* is Nyx Peach, & damn I wish I could remember what I used on the lips (I'm going to make it mandatory to take pics so I remember goddamn it!).
For that extra glow I'm pretty sure I used Mac's Strobe Cream (but its whatever works for you!)

Thanks for looking at this boring, predictable post!! ahah

x x

oopsies almost forgot to include pics of my nails

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in white as a base, O.P.I Black Shatter, Sally Hansen Pink Shatter, O.P.I Silver shatter. It doesn't look very good when it starts to chip, though!!


  1. great nails, I really love them!

    I wish to notify you abut blog award I gave to you (I see you have one already:p)...


  2. aww thanks I'm glad you like them!
    also thank you so much for the award :)


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