Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to: Cream Contouring & Highlighing

I like to do contour & highlight for a put together look especially for a night out & it adds a lot of dimension to your face, especially since I feel like I have no cheekbones. I used to only do it with powders but I find that doing it with cream concealers that are a few shades darker/ lighter than your skin tone help it look more polished plus you can still set it with the powders on top.

I like this coastal scents palette for this as it has some shades that I would never use except for in a kit. This is brand new as you can see but I'm still finishing my old one haha.

I'm only going to contour my nose & cheeks but here is an in depth chart if you want to go all out, however I would advice to stick to the face unless your in a photoshoot haha.
Make sure you've applied your foundation with no powder first. I've applied the cream to my cheeks & nose using a concealer brush. Ignore that it's not completely even haha. I've only done the tip of my nose because I think that's what needs refining. You can also see that it is a loott darker than my skin tone but I blend a lot of it away so it doesn't look unnatural.

Now you will want to blend it good! I use the foundation end of my beauty of essence brush to blend all my concealer. It is best to blend the outside of the lines outwards but not blend it completely away.

& that's it blended out. Apply more & blend again if you need to.
I use the lightest colour in that concealer palette to highlight. You will want to apply it to the features you want to bring out, as shown in the face chart. I've only applied to the tops of my cheek bones (although you can't see it haha), the bridge of my nose & my cupids bow. & Then blend it in again, I use my fingers to blend this part.
So here I have gone over the top of my contour with Nyx Taupe blush, you will need to use something with no shimmer in it otherwise it will bring those parts back out. Alternatively you can just just translucent powder to set. For the highlighter I used Nyx White Pearl eyeshadow or you can leave it for a dewy look. I have also applied my blush & lipstick.

I hope this is useful, especially to any beginners out there! Don't forget makeup is about enhancing your look, & at the end of the day it can be washed off :)


  1. Pretty! I have been eyeing coastal scents palettes. Have you used the 28 neutral palette?

  2. Love the makeup look and your contouring looks perfect! :)

  3. I agree that contouring with cream is a lot more polished looking. it's more natural looking for it's blending into your foundation/skin. It also lasts longer in my opinion.
    Great post and you look pretty as always :)

  4. @jess thanks hun, Yes I have it, I have to say I love it, I think it has a good selection of neutral colour's with a variety of matte & shimmer which is perfect for plenty of looks

    @Victoria thank you hun!!

    @Mandy thanks a lot doll, yes it definitely helps it to last longer as well!

  5. Great post! Great for beginners, I know I was lost when I started out!


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