Friday, November 26, 2010

Brushes Review Part 1: Essence of Beauty

Originally i was going to post a mixed review of Essence of Beauty & Eco-tools brushes but it would be wayy to long so stay tuned for part 2!

I got these Essence Of Beauty brushes as a gift with the 88 warm palette on eBay, but you can buy these by themselves for anywhere around US $5 to $12. With these brushes I haven't experienced any shedding what so ever.  Please note that i washed most of them last night so the fluffier ones haven't dried fully. Oh & sorry for some of the not so clear pics!

1.Foundation & conceal

 Foundation: I never use flat foundation brushes anymore since I've been using the E.L.F flat top brush, however my first impressions of this was that it felt quite soft & fluffy which would be good for blending as you wouldn't get any streaks. But it is quite flimsy which makes precision harder.I sometimes use it to blend in my concealer if I've applied too much to one area.
 Concealer: I like that this is quite small (compared to the Eco-Tools concealer brush) which allows you to apply your concealer to blemishes more precisely. I use the top of the brush to push it onto blemishes & then blend out the concealer. It is really good for concealer underneath the eye because of the flatness & size.
2.Blush & Powder
 I quite like to use the blush brush for contouring only, because it is quite stiff & not so fluffy it concentrates the contour into the hollows more easier. I don't like it for applying blush because it is not fluffy enough & only apply's the colour onto where you first place it & its not very good for blending the blush out.
When i first got this I thought that if i used this for powder everyday it would take a long time to finish!! Because it is so small, i guess it would be good to apply powder if you do a lot of contouring, highlighting, whatever & you don't want to mess that up. However i use this to apply my highlight, because it is the perfect size! It's also good to apply your highlight to your eyes.

 3.Blending & Eye Shadow
At first i thought how the heck would this be good for blending? Then I read the instructions that came with the brushes & it said to use it to blend the foundation around the eye area. So instead I use this to push my setting powder around my eyes which i think it does a good job of it. I washed this last night & it hadn't fully dried but it's usually a tiny bit fluffier.

I like this eyeshadow brush to lightly apply one colour all over the lid, or for highlighting the inner corners & brow bone, as it is angled so you can follow around your eye socket. 

Overall:  I give these brushes a 4/5, taking away 1 mark for the packaging, because they are double sided it is a lot harder to store them, although you can leave them in the plastic that they come in if you want & lie them down flat so you don't damage the ends. But i do like how soft they are & that there are different uses for most of them!!

I hope this was useful to someone, please keep your eyes open for part 2!

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