Monday, November 29, 2010

Brushes Review Part 2: Eco-tools

This is part 2 (& final) of my Essence of Beauty & Eco-tools brush review. (part 1 is here)

~ Eco-tools ~
I love how they are made from recycled materials & how the case they come in is made from hemp so you know they have been good to nature, lol. I got this 5pc set from eBay for about $10 not incl. shipping.

1. Blush Brush

I know the close ups aren't the best to show it, but i really like the shape of this brush. It is good to deposit the colour onto the apples of your cheeks & then because it is so soft it is great for blending out the colour so your blush doesn't turn out too harsh.

 Compared to the E.O.B this concealer brush is quite wider & a tad bit shorter, which is not so good for precision but for larger areas it works well. In the picture on the right this brush appears to be thinner (although I washed it the night before it may not be fully dried) which allows you to use the very tip of this for depositing concealer directly onto a blemish so it covers well.
3. Eye shadow brush
(sorry about the e/s on the brush) I like to use this for applying an all-over wash of colour to the lid. Because it is quite big & fluffy it is not good for applying pigments because i can imagine a lott of fall-out but it can be used to blend out the lid colour as well because of the fluffiness

 4. Eyeliner Brush

 So when i was reading reviews on these brushes before purchasing, I saw a lot of "HG" comments on the E/L brush. This is one reason why i wanted the set because i desperately needed a better e/l brush. In a comparison photo below you can see that the handle is quite shorter compared to the other brushes which is great so you can control the brush better which in turn means better eyeliner lol. Sorry for the blurry closeups but you can see it is quite thin which is good as well.
e/l, e/s & concealer brush size comparison
e/l & eyebrow & eyelash brush size comparison

5. Eyebrow/eyelash brush
(sorry for mascara marks!) When i got this the top was quite lose from the ferrule & popped out but glue had fixed that. You can see that compared to the e/l brush the handle is soo much longer which i don't like because sometimes i hit the mirror with it :P lol. I didn't read too many good reviews on this but i must say that i think for the eyelash part the "bristles" are great for brushing the lashes & i don't see a problem with the brow brush at all, it just does it's job.

Overall: I give these a 5/5. Love Eco-tools! wish i got this set earlier because all the brushes are soft & great quality & bonus points for being made out of recycled materials! Definitely recommend this set, especially to beginners!


  1. These brushes look amazing! Might have to buy a few for myself!


  2. i adore these brushes! they are super soft and affordable :)

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