Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stila In The Light // Review & Swatches

Why hello darlings <3
As mentioned in my haul post here, I received the Stila In The Light palette as a giveaway prize winner, woo! This is a gorgeous palette with pretty wearable neutral colours, hope this review is helpful!

A quote on the inside of the lid instead of a mirror.

This palette is in a light but sturdy cardboard packaging with a magnetic lid. There is no mirror which is a bummer as I am quite used to using the one on whatever palette I am using at the time,but it is not a deal breaker. On the back of the palette has the names of the colours, which is a little bit annoying to turn the palette over to see what you are using until you get used to the names.
It also comes with a full sized smudge stick that has it's own little compartment under the shadows with a pull out ribbon.

Colours: A range of neutrals reminiscent to those in the Urban Decay Naked palettes, there are 4 matte and 6 shimmery shades and are good for day time natural makeup looks but can easily be transformed into dramatic night time makeup looks with the darker colours. There is a selection of warm & cool shades. It includes the very famous Kitten which is a beautiful shimmery highlight or lid colour depending on how you would use it.
Texture: They are buttery so they apply smoothly but with no fall out. If you pick up too much of the shimmery shades it may leave a little bit of a mess in the palette so it's just a habit you need to remember to stop.
Pigmentation: The shimmery colours are so pigmented that you only need one or 2 swipes on a brush, but as per usual the matte colours are a little bit harder to work with. Although they are still pigmented you may need a few more swipes but Bare, a yellow-toned highlighter is the hardest to show up out of all of them, as you will see in the swatches.
Longevity: As always I work with a primer to aid in anything lasting longer, so I cannot comment on that, but I haven't experienced any creasing or fading throughout wear.

With flash
Natural sunlight.
Top row:  L-R: Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset, Sandstone
Natural Sunlight.
Bottom Row:  L-R: Champagne, Gilded Gold, Luster, Night Sky, Ebony.

This palette also comes with a full sized smudgestick & this is in the colour Damsel. It is a gorgeous dark brown that glides on smoothly and is easily blended but beware as I was tight lining I must have pushed on it too hard and now it is very hard to wind up or down.

I would definitely recommend this palette because of its pretty neutral & wearable shimmery colours & versatile use if that is what you are looking for.

You can buy this palette from for $35.55 and they have worldwide shipping

Thanks for reading, Let me know what your fave Stila products are because I would love to try more!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post & I was not asked to write this review, however I did not pay for it as I won it in a giveaway.


  1. This is my favourite palette from Stila! I'm actually really impressed with all their eyeshadow because they're so pigmented and blendable.

  2. During the holidays I was debating what palette to get and I almost chose this one xx

  3. This palette has been on my wishlist for forever. The shades do look quite similar to UD Naked1 so I've held off, but I have a feeling I'll cave eventually :p

  4. Those colors are beautiful! Especially those sparkling once :) Great review + I love the makeup on your profile picture :)
    Kisses Honey ♥

  5. I really want this eyeshadow palette! It's gorgeous! xx

  6. That's really pretty I used to love kitten so much! I hope you find more goodies from them :)

    1. Thanks dear, you're the one who got me onto Kitten from you selling it on your blog sale :D So I thank you for it hehe.

  7. This is my Favourite Eyeshadow Palette ever I'm so glad I bought it & I recommend it to everyone I know :) I picked mine up from Mecca Maxima & I think that Stila changed the packaging because mine has a mirror & the shade Champagne has been renamed Bubbly & the names are printed under the shadows as well as on the back like yours clearly Stila have listened to feedback & changed the packaging :)

    1. Oh, I am so glad to know they changed the packaging! And obviously I am not the only one that thought about those little things!

  8. This is such a gorgeous eyeshadow palette! The colours are so pretty :)

    Alara xx

  9. It is indeed! Thanks for following hun but I have no idea how to get onto your blog because it isn't linked anywhere on your google+ account! x


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