Monday, February 27, 2012

Daytime Glamour

 For some reason the other day I felt like wearing makeup appropriate for going out.... so here it is haha. Complete with falsies & glitter.

eeek frizzies

ommmg the eyelashes are horrendous (application, anyway ha ha), I didn't even notice until I saw these pics. Although I could feel it coming off in the inner corner. Yikes! I'm too scared to bind them into my natural lashes with the eyelash curler in fears of the shape getting damaged.
 Also my hair is the biggest mess. IDK what to do with it lately =/

Bourjois Blush in 16

ok so for the eyes I applied nyx glitter liner in disco ball first and than applied the gray in the 2 Faced duo "Ooh Ahh" but I think I should have done it the other way around because it didn't work very well & the glitter sticked to my brush.
I used Nyx Black Bean (not pictured) before I applied the black in the 2 Faced duo & blended a bit into the silver. I also lightly applied a neutral colour in the crease.
A little bit of Nyx Milk JEP was used on the lower lashline but that was all as I wanted to keep that simple.
Lashes are by BYS.

For lips first I applied MAC hue and then BYS lipstick(red) on as a stain. & then a bit of the Revlon Colorstay lipgloss over the top.

How do you like to apply Nyx candy glitter eyeliners? Apart from as a liner lol

Oh also some sad news.
My brother found one of our cats, that we have only had for a little while after giving him a home as his old owners couldn't look after him anymore, on the road, hit by a car. His name was Blitz and although we only had him for a short time and he was a very naughty cat, we miss him so much as he was the friendliest, smoochiest cat ever(unlike our Mishka who is the biggest snob hehe).
 Doesn't help that we live on a busy road but we think it would have happened late last night, and although we try to keep him in at night things happen.
here he got into the pantry & knocked down the cat biscuits. naughty!! lol. He was a huge cat for his size and soo friendly, but he always tried to trip us up haha. A sad thing was Mishka never got used to him so he was always getting chased by her.

R.I.P Blitzy xoxo

Thank you for reading.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pin-up MU ft. Kate by Rimmel & Maybelline Master Precise

 I have some products/ looks lining up & I have used 2 of them in this look to kill 2 birds in one stone, ha.
I have been searching high & low for these Kate lipsticks every time I see a Rimmel display & finally found them, but only chose one colour, so next time I think I want to buy a few more.
Also I have been wanting to try a new liquid eyeliner in a while, so I went with the Maybelline Master Precise e/l because the title is exactly what I wanted, haha. Anyway...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gettin with the times...small Sugarpill Haul

yayy. Just a quick post to show off my goodies that arrived today. Shipping was decent from Sugarpill's website, especially since I'm in Australia so it was a few weeks but I'm always expecting that.
How it came in the box
I'm sure some of you have seen the packaging many times before, but here it is again.

L-R:  Darling, Hysteric, Goldilux. I just new I had to get goldilux after seeing so many looks with it haha, & the other 2 colours are stunning, although it was so hard to choose which ones to order (for now)
Swatches straight out of the tub
I also got a sticker & a free sample of ... well I don't know the name as it doesn't say it haha but I'm sure I will be able to recognize it on the website.

All loose shadows were $12 each & shipping was only $6 I think so they are very reasonable priced, I cannot wait to play around with them yahoo :)
Thanks for looking!! Looks & opinions to come later.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Glowy Makeup

 Just another basic, glowy look that I've done many times before. A fave of mine for summer as you probably know by now!!

The liner isn't looking too flash, sorry haha
Revlon Photoready
Mac Strobe Cream
Mac Peachykeen Blush

Stila Kitten
Light brown from Sleek Storm
Maybe a bit of Mac Satin Taupe
Maybelline line Allure E/L
Makeup Storecrazy lazy e/l (blue)
CG Lashblast + Elizabeth Arden Mascara

Lips I think I did Nyx Strawberry Milk l/s  & Nyx Sugarpie l/g
A bonus OOTD, taking advantage of the full length mirror haha. Top from Temt, Skirt from Dotti, Shoes from Cotton on. Earrings from Diva

Thank you for looking, even though it was a very short & boring post! haha

 & I'd hate to tease y'all, but another picture of the beach that I took on the weekend when we went "fishing" haha (the boys did but only caught seaweed haha)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pretty Pastels... + a few extras, + a note to all Aussie Beauty Bloggers

In case you may have realized, I had been gone for just under a week. I went up to Perth with my boss & another girl to go to a DMK course, which is our skincare brand that we use in the salon. Because it is a paramedical skincare it is very scientific & complicated, and you have to do many courses each year to keep up with itm but as it was my first time attending it was good to learn more about the brand & its theories. Thank god I didn't have to do the assessment at the end too!

Anyhoo.. while I was gone I added to my collection so hopefully I will have plenty of things to show you for some while. Also while I was gone I got my Nyx goodies from Ebay, yay :)
P.S I'm wondering why this wont save,,, so I get out of it to realize I've been signed out. grrr. Lucky I copied it before I got out lol.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Turquoise Serenity

"He loved the serenity of the place... I think he also just loved the word"
quote from a gold Aussie movie "The Castle"

The title of this look is just something I made up hoping it wouldn't sound weird. So I googled it & up came some images which was totally how I wanted my look to come across. When I was doing it I was thinking of the beach so I think it worked out well. Not really sure where the purple came from though haha

Friday, February 3, 2012

Daytime Smokes feat. UD Naked

The other day I just wanted a simple sexy daytime smokey eye, and what better to do that with then the naked (number one) palette.Of course this could be easily transformed for night time, or even more toned down if its too much for the day.
looks like a bit is wearing off on the lid.. oh well
Ignore my bad hair day!