Friday, February 17, 2012

Pretty Pastels... + a few extras, + a note to all Aussie Beauty Bloggers

In case you may have realized, I had been gone for just under a week. I went up to Perth with my boss & another girl to go to a DMK course, which is our skincare brand that we use in the salon. Because it is a paramedical skincare it is very scientific & complicated, and you have to do many courses each year to keep up with itm but as it was my first time attending it was good to learn more about the brand & its theories. Thank god I didn't have to do the assessment at the end too!

Anyhoo.. while I was gone I added to my collection so hopefully I will have plenty of things to show you for some while. Also while I was gone I got my Nyx goodies from Ebay, yay :)
P.S I'm wondering why this wont save,,, so I get out of it to realize I've been signed out. grrr. Lucky I copied it before I got out lol.

Aussie Beauty Bloggers
just a quick note, We saw in a Beauty Therapist magazine that they are holding a convention thingy in September in Sydney, I don't have any more details sorry but maybe google it, it is a course to build uhh skills and things, and they also take you to IMATS!! woooo. Anyway I'm not the biggest & best beauty blogger otherwise I would love to go, but if anyone else out there is interested I think you should go for it! (great description, huh :P) PLEASE NOTE: Just an update, I didn't see until later that the magazine was a year old!! So its obviously been & done haha sorry!
Face: Revlon Photoready Foundation mixed w/ darker fdnt
Coastal Scents concealer kit
Palladio Rice Powder in Translucent
Nyx peach blush
Eyes:120 palette (I think its too obvious to name which colours I used :P)
Unsure of which eyeliner I used...
CG LB Fusion
Lips: Revlon Colorburst in Candy Pink

Also last weeks nails.. Although I'm just about to paint them again :D
 O.P.I Too hot pink to hold 'em... althought it looks rather red in most lighting, with Sally Hansen Gold shatter on my ring finger & thumbnail.

Bonus Pics:
 View from our cabin in the caravan park where we stayed..
 They have this huge jumping pillow which was soo much fun as you can see hehe.
we feed the ducks every morning... this was the cutest little family we have ever seen!! they walked around with their parents everywhere zomgg so adorbs :D there were also ducks and many other types of birds... and we even saw a friendly bunny hehe.

Thanks for looking!!


  1. SO many lovely things in this post. What to comment on first?

    I know - the duckies!! SO CUTE! Okay.

    I really love the way you look in pastels and the alternating pink and purple is so adorable! I really really like that and kind of want to try it!

  2. Wow! Your look is so pretty. Thanks for posting.

  3. thanks meredith, I've been wearing my eyeshadow like that for quite a bit for something different! & yes I know right, the duckies are soooo cute

    Thank you naomi & lina :)


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