Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Skin Products I use

This post is continuing on from my skin care routine, which is here. Here is mostly all of the products I had mentioned with a short description & opinion on each one. I hope it is helpful to someone :)

Bio Oil
Now I'm sure mostly everyone has heard of this. It retails for about AU$15 for 60ml. Since this post is long enough i won't go into detail about it but they say its good for scars; stretch marks; uneven skin tone; Aging skin; & dehydrated skin, and it doesn't take long to absorb. Feels great on my skin!! I've been using it for about 10 months, 2x daily & I've noticed a small difference with my acne scarring.

Bellaboo EZ Blitz serum
  50ml for AU$16
This is a serum which i use 2x daily. I really like this, it feels nice on my skin and really is calming towards my pimples. Plus I find it is moisturizing. Bellaboo products are aimed towards teenagers and everything is chemical free. This is the only product I've tried from them so far & i would probably buy this again.

Xquisit Organics Eye Dew
This is Western Australian made so it would probably be very hard to find elsewhere, but i love this!! My eye area is very dry and this is perfect. They say its good for dry/mature/sensitive skin. This is their description on their website;Xquist Organics

"Rich in anti oxidants, just a small amount of this rich yet lightly textured eye cream, patted around the eye area, will help smooth and slow the formation of new lines. It incorporates certified organic rosehip oil to improve hydration and tone, while green tea extract reduces swelling. Cucumber cools and binds moisture to the skin, promoting natural elasticity and firmness. The slightest touch of lavender oil aids in the reduction of dark circles and improves circulation. Beneficial as an intense face treatment after sun exposure. Apply morning and night."
I have to completely agree with this. Now it isn't cheap, AU$35 for 25ml but i have used it daily for about 4 months & i still have 3/4 left.

Formula 10.0.06
For oily skin this would be perfect as it contains Aloe Vera + bamboo; the aloe vera helps to soften the skin & the bamboo extract absorbs excess oil. It is not the right one for me but because I use the bio-oil beforehand which adds moisture to my face, This does not dry out my face.

 The Body Shop Vitamin E Mist
I loove this! It gives me extra moisture after my moisturizer and is also good for setting makeup. I've noticed that it doesn't last allll day but it helps to keep a nice dewy finish, which is what I like. It is AU$23.95 for 100ml & has lasted me about 5 months so far, I've used about 3/4 of it.

Biore Warming Anti-blackhead Cream Cleanser.
To use this, you must first wash your face leaving it wet & dry your hands, & apply this to your face. I find this gives a nice heat sensation, even though it only lasts for a few seconds when it first comes into contact with your skin. I've noticed a big improvement with blackheads & I also use it to open up my pores. It is AU$10.75 for 177grams and i recommend it for those with annoying blackheads.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser, about AU$14 for 200g
This feels creamy & nourishing on my skin, but I don't feel like this has helped clear up my skin fully, although it has helped to clear up some existing blemishes. After this my skin feels a bit tight & dry since it contains no oil. I don't think I'll buy again, i'm still trying to find the perfect cleanser for my skin type.

Avon Solutions p.m maximum moisture.. about AU$12.99 for 50g
I don't think this gives me the extra moisture that I need for the night, maybe I don't apply enough & its not too thick. It does feel good straight after I've applied it though, but I probably wouldn't buy it again because I still want to look for other night creams out there that are more moisturizing.

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