Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Face Routine {Skin Care}

So I don't have the best of skin but I do try to take care of it. Before I got into taking care of my skin I never identified my skin type, so I was always using just whatever. Now my skin is dry but I don't know if that's from washing it twice a day (which I have stopped because I realized I didn't need to). I probably should have gone to see a derm. Anyway my skin is dry & acne prone. & just in case you're interested here is what i use!

In the morning I just splash with cold water. I apply Bio-Oil all over- this is great for dehydrated skin!! I use it for my red spots as well. Then I apply a Belloboo E Z Blitz Serum to the active pimples. Sometimes I use Clearasil pimple clearing cream to keep my skin "at its toes"[so my skin doesn't create a tolerance to one product] (lol). For day cream I'm trying to use up a moisturizer i got as a gift. It is Formula 10.0.06 Seriously Shine Free {description below} Since I have dry skin it is not ideal for me but it still keeps my skin moisturized. For eyes I use XquisitOrganics Eye Dew. Then i spray with rose water/The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist.

I remove my makeup with Simple Face Wipes, & my eye makeup with Extra Virgin Olive Oil-it removes makeup really well and conditions the eye lashes, while being moisturizing for the eyes as well. I wet my face with warm water & use Biore warming anti-blackhead cream cleanser on my nose & all over to open up my pores. Then i use Neutrogena deep clean cream cleanser all over. After that i apply my bio-oil then Avon Solutions p.m maximum moisture. & lastly my night pimple cream which is currently Avon clear skin night care cream for acne-prone skin. The one i have is realllly old so i don't even know if it is still around but I'm just using it up. Or sometimes i spot treat with a mud mask & leave it on over night.

Ok that's that i hope it wasn't too boring but please read my next post for the product list since this will probably be too long.

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