Sunday, October 20, 2013

3 Different Ways to Exfoliate

Hi Beauties!
Exfoliating is definitely an important part of your skin care routine, to aid in the removal of dead skin cells which reveals the gorgeous skin underneath, preventing a buildup which can make your skin look & feel dull & lifeless. This post isn't exactly about different groundbreaking ways to exfoliate but more about different formulations in the exfoliaters I am currently using. 

 I went without exfoliating over a period of time, except for a few aspirin masks here and there but all I needed to do was buy another one, but wasn't sure what.
Over the past few months I've found a few products that have been able to work in conjunction with each other, which may seem over the top but I make sure not to overdo it by letting my skin rest for a few days in between. I don't recommend it for everybody but I haven't had any bad reactions and my skin is always feeling soft & smooth.
 DMK Micro Peel, Biore Warming Anti-blackhead cream cleanser, Michael Todd Tropical Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant Scrub

DMK Micro Peel
 The DMK Micro Peel is the main exfoliant that I make sure to use weekly. This 'peel' (note- I do not have any extra peeling occur afterwards) works chemically unlike typical exfoliants which work mechanically. It has a thin, runny consistency & applies like a masque, which slightly tightens the skin so it's not going to run off the face. After 5 minutes I rinse it off with cold water & moisturize.
This is the most expensive skin care item I own at $68 but I can see it lasting a long time as I use it strictly once a week and I only need the size of a 50c coin.
-Can only get through a salon that sells DMK skin care. Learn more here

Biore Warming Anti-blackhead cream cleanser
This is actually a cleanser but it has similar properties to a scrub. I use this 2 nights a week if needed, usually when I notice a pimple starting to appear because it helps to bring it out so it can heal, or uneven texture around the forehead, nose & chin. I do actually notice a big difference with the presence of blackheads on my nose & chin & I like the warming feeling that it provides. It has a very thick & sticky texture with very small beads in it, which works pretty nicely as a very gentle, healing scrub.
-Can buy from Woolworths or anywhere that sells Biore products for around $12.

Michael Todd Tropical Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant Scrub
 This is a product that I'll also use just as an extra boost, and I make sure not to use it within 3 days of using the DMK Micro Peel. It is a creamier exfoliant that smells divine & glides really smoothly over my face without feeling too harsh & leaves it feeling smoother afterwards.
-$18 from the Michael Todd website
Comparing the different textures of each product

Remember to use products that are made for your skin type & to cleanse & moisturize as normal!
What is your favourite exfoliator?

This is not a sponsored post, all products bought with my own money


  1. Ooh nice I forgot about boîre the original nose strips brand right? :) I really love the skin food black sugar scrub, but I can't exfoliate more than a couple times a week either, dryness redness is not a good look or feel :)

    1. haha yep that's what I think of when I think of Biore ;) I've actually used this on and off for a couple of years! Yeah I only use a couple of different products because these all feel different! xx

  2. I really want to try the Michael Todd scrub now. I love the Missha black sugar scrub. I need to pick up another one when they have a sale.

  3. I haven't tried any of these exfoliators before! My favourite are the super gentle exfoliators- I have Dermalogica's Gentle Microfoliant and Alpha-H's Gentle Daily Exfoliant which are very similar! They are white powders which don't have any beads that somehow magically exfoliate your skin, and leaves your skin super silky smooth! Definitely worth a try, you won't experience anything else like them :)

    1. Actually, I used the Dermalogica exfoliant when I was doing my facial assigment.... I thought it was great! Thanks for the suggestions, I'll have to have a look at the Alpha-H one xx

  4. Exfoliation is such an essential part of any skin care routine - I used to always use physical scrubs that were really grainy and a bit harsh, but now I'm using something a bit more gentle. I've also started to dabble in AHAs like Liquid Gold but to be honest I'm a bit on the fence about them. Sometimes you just need a good ol' scrub.


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