Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect Rotating Mascara

If you're like me & like to layer mascaras with multiple coats it can take a good couple of minutes to complete the finishing touches of your eye makeup.
The Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect Rotating Mascara claims to take only 30 seconds for "Instant & even 360 degrees lash coverage."

There are only a coupe of rotating mascara brushes on the market so the brush of this Bourjois mascara is the main selling point of this product. It rotates clockwise or anti clockwise to cover the eyelashes with a faster application. Depending on the way you hold the wand, you flick the switch either upwards or downwards to get right into the roots of the lashes, which is where you want to focus the mascara for volume, and pull it through the ends for length. I then flick the switch the opposite way and let it glide over the top of my eyelashes.
  When I apply mascara I swap the way I hold it in my hand from one eye to the other and as I do that I have to change the direction of the brush otherwise it will go the opposite way I want it to. A trick with the bottom eyelashes is to hold the brush underneath the lashes and rotate the brush so it is pushing away from them. However if you prefer only slightly defined lower lashes I would advise to use a different mascara as the rotary brush gives a more dramatic effect.
Packaging & Brush: This is actually quite heavy due to the battery that sits in a cap at the very top of the wand. It makes the top half a lot longer than the bottom half which feels weird to hold at first. As you can see it is a bristle brush which some people prefer over plastic combs. It doesn't taper off and it is a medium size so you can use it for medium-long eyelashes but I don't think it would be good for short eyelashes as you would probably get it all over your eyelids if you're not careful.
Formula: I've found the formula to be quite wet so I need to brush off the excess mascara on the inside of the tube to avoid clumping which is quite hard to avoid if you're not careful. It can be hard
to avoid the eyelids as well but it is usually disguised by my eyeliner so it's not that bad to me. My eyelashes still feel soft to the touch & not crunchy like some mascaras do.
As for wear, I do not find it flaking off throughout the day.

Road Test
Sorry for these unflattering close up pictures of my eyeball & unfilled eyebrows & discolouration haha.
 Before, and then curled.
Before & after, lashes from non existent to well defined & very black. This is with two coats on the upper lashes & one coat on the bottom.

 Overall I really like this mascara in terms for an easy application with the rotating brush, it makes getting more dramatic lashes so much easier without needing to use falsies all the time!
I was lucky to buy this on sale for $10 as it retails for $26 (in Priceline) but if you were wanting to spend extra money on a good mascara I would recommend this one!

Have you tried this mascara or any other rotating mascara brushes?


  1. Pretty impressive mascara :)

  2. This mascara sounds very interesting and the results look impressive! I haven't tried a rotating mascara before, but I definitely want to try one out now haha.

    1. I'm so happy with the lashes it gives me! I hope you give it a go :) x

  3. Wow looks like a great mascara! :)


  4. I remember I used to have this - I also bought it on sale but for $15 if I recall correctly. I quite liked it though I found it worked better for me if I did a first count without the wand rotating, then did a second with it on. I was so devo when the battery of mine died though :p I threw it out shortly after lol!

    1. Oh ok I will have to give that a go, I don't think I've even tried it without it rotating! I'm dreading that day too, hopefully I can get the right batteries! xx

  5. Looks awesome! Thanks!
    Penny Rose

  6. Ooh cool nails! The mascara sound and looks great!

    1. Hehe I thought you might like them! I am well overdue of a nail post hey xx

  7. It looks good

  8. I never even noticed this mascara at the Bourgeois stand! I've seen the rotating mascaras before but I didn't know what to think of them... Maybe I'll try this out when I run out next! Btw great tip for the lower lashes, I'm going to try that out :)


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