Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leopard Spots LOTN

Heyy guys! omigosh I know I havent posted since like the end of december =/  wow and I know everytime I did post I said I would start posting again but I am so damn lazy. I still have a review of the 88 palette, some aussie d/s makeup reviews & more to put up but most recently a review of what I use for my base (i.e foundation) to come up next!
I promise I haven't forgotten about my blog!

So i lovee anything with leopard print (Maybe not as extreme as the girls from jerseylicious- but i do not mind a nice top or accesory with leopard detail.) I had tried the leopard print look before but never actually went out in public with it,and the best time for something so extreme is probably for clubbing. It is def. not something i would wear everyday!

The lovely lady in the pics with me is my bff [a term I have never used but its appropriate, since I have known her foreverr] who I hadn't seen for almost 3 years since she moved away! I did her makeup for her using the 120 palette =) Products & more pics are after jump!